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YES, the Power Key is The Ultimate Tennis Accessory
transform your game today!

"the power key works great for cold weather when you can't move your fingers or your strings."

What is it that you constantly do before, during, and after a tennis match? Do you ever straighten your strings with your fingers or nails? If you said 'YES' like so many do, then you need the Power Key. This unique device allows you to easily and efficiently straighten the strings on your stringed racket.

That's right, align tennis strings, align racketball strings anytime, anywhere. During, after, and before play, pick up the Power Key and straighten your strings!

The Power Key is:

  • Durable.
  • Made of acrylic.
  • Will not damage your strings.
  • Takes into account any string tension and almost any string configuration.
  • Racket stringers and players of all ages and levels can use the tremendous benefits of the Power Key!

    Watch the demonstration video, CLICK HERE

    Here are a few quotes from players:

    - "...I have been using this for the past year and it is great and personally I think it has been the reason I have been winning more matches."

    - "This is truly a great tool for straightening out strings in a simple, quick, effective way."

    - "This tool rocks!... When my pro shop started carrying the Power Key, I bought one. I use it frequently and urge other shops and players to carry this essential item on them!"

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